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New High Speed Saw

In addition to processing tubes we have produced ourselves, our high performance equipment enables us to also process materials provided by our customers on a jobbing basis.
Our services include:

Min. clamping diameter: 14 mm
Max. clamping diameter: 60 mm
Min. finished part length: 20 mm
Max. finished part length: 150 mm
Processing options: Chamfer inside and/or outside
Stepped holes
Recesses (also outside)
Large batches
Automatic length control

We will be pleased to provide more information on our new machining centre or to submit a quotation for your particular requirements.

Please contact Michael Stracke, phone: +49 (0) 2761/962-102, e-mail:

Early in 2007 a new JFE machining centre was installed which has excellent possibilities for processing brass, aluminium, copper, steel, etc. tubes.

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