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Brass tube – A product based on a resourceful mixing ratio

The alloying of copper and zinc produces brass. This sounds rather simple. But things are not as simple as that because, as often in life, all depends on the right mixing ratio. As long ago as the 3rd millenium B.C. brass was a considered to be a noble metal and was much sought after. At that time, many decorative objects were made from the alloy with the attractive golden lustre.

Today, we could not do without brass. As always, jewellery and objets d’art are made from brass but now also musical instruments, fittings, tubes and a great number of industrial products. The ingenious mix of copper and zinc has opened up a wealth of possibilities, and – depending on the alloy – most different applications are practicable.

In our Olpe works, seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass are produced to absolute perfection. Thanks to our experience in tube drawing, gained over five decades, our tubes are characterized by smooth surfaces, high dimensional accuracy and specific strength values which are greatly appreciated by our customers in various branches of industry worldwide.

Of course, the story of brass has not yet come to an end. We will continue to develop and make further contributions with many innovative ideas for products made from this resourceful mixture of copper and zinc, thus adding more chapters to the history book of brass.

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