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Washing guns – Weapons in the war against dirt use brass tube components made by Peterseim

When you are dealing with extreme dirt, such as filthy rims and car engines, dirty construction machines, trailers or trucks, sometimes a water jet applied using a standard hose is just not enough to get them clean. To remove such tenacious dirt, a combination of water and compressed air is often used.

A washing gun is used to fire a strong jet of water at the dirty components. These high-end, dirt-fighting weapons are always equipped with a nozzle made from a seamless drawn brass tube. The process of transforming a long brass tube into  a nozzle for a washing gun involves quite a number of individual steps. The process begins with the tube-drawing operation. At our factory, a number of operations are involved in drawing the high-quality base material to the dimension required. Fixed sawing, deburring and end processing of the tubes are used to make the perfect nozzle from a “simple” brass tube.

At first glance, brass nozzles are not the most exciting product, but if you look closer, you will find that it takes a lot of expertise to deal with brass, which is a challenging material.

We have just this expertise at Peterseim in Olpe. We produce seamless drawn tubes and then from these tubes, we carefully and efficiently manufacture perfectly formed, semi-finished parts.

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