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Peterseim Metallwerke invest in eddy current testing equipment

Brass and aluminium are the materials which are mainly processed in our company. On the one hand, we produce seamlessly drawn tubes and on the other hand exactly these tubes are processed further and formed almost to becoming finished parts. From the well-designed outlet to components for industrial plants to meet exacting demands in terms of building technique, a large variety of tube products are manufactured with maximum accuracy and the highest efficiency. […]


Aluminium tubes – small, grey and yet an important component in cars

Have you ever had a car with a headlight cleaning system? No? Neither have I, but I’d love to have this feature. The fact that these systems are usually installed in luxury cars equipped with the especially desirable XENON headlights should be disregarded. […]


Peterseim Metallwerke invests in length testing machine for tubes perfectly cut to length

Top-notch quality in the production of seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass or aluminium is our passion. With over 50 years of experience in tube drawing processes, we produce extremely good surfaces, high dimensional stability and special strengths. […]


Superior products made from seamlessly drawn tubes, brought to you with quality service and innovative ideas

For many years we have been a leading manufacturer of seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass and aluminium and an international supplier of holistic solutions using tubes.

Our close relationships with the design and development divisions of our customers, many of them well-known companies, together with the innovative spirit of our team of professionals have enabled us to create a broad range of special solutions and to offer a wide portfolio of services.


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