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Finished parts from brass tubes – Peterseim offer expert knowledge in the further processing of tubes

P_Weiterbearbeitung_BiegenKnowledge cannot be replaced and is the only resource which multiplies by partition. At Peterseim Metallwerke in Olpe, we value team working and knowledge sharing. The company has a very extensive and sound base of knowledge about producing and further processing seamlessly drawn tubes and this is continuously being extended, shared internally and thus multiplied.

Our newest expert team has been working together since January 2010. The team consists of Stefan Cordes, who assumed responsibility for the design and development division in August 2008 and who has a wealth of experience in the field of forming technology; and the key account manager, Klaus Herlicka, who has been contributing his extensive knowledge of markets and products since January 2010. As a key contact for customers who are looking not just for straight tubes but also further processed components, he is always up to date with the latest requirements.

Over recent years, many of our well-known customers have taken advantage of the further processing offered by Peterseim and they benefit from the innovative production methods we apply, our in-house design and development of tools and machines as well as our large range of customized solutions.

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