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Curtain rods – a design object made from seamlessly drawn tubes

Living and designing. Our own four walls offer us many possibilities to show our individuality and our appreciation of beauty. The selection of curtains and of course coordinated curtain rods reflecting our personal life style plays an important role.

Peterseim Metallwerke with its headquarters in Olpe in southern Westphalia, as a manufacturer of seamlessly drawn and processed brass and aluminium tubes, supplies the basic material for aesthetically pleasing, top of the market curtain rods. This product should really be called „curtain tube“ but OK – we won’t be petty here.

Today, curtain rods are not only important for their function but have established themselves as self-assertive living accessories. Through their design they underline the beauty of the curtain materials which are today created by well-know fashion designers who are active internationally. Curtains and curtain rods are today offered in a whole multitude of designs which underline the trend for aesthetic consideration of our own four walls.

Being one of the leading international companies in the field of manufacturing and processing seamlessly drawn brass and aluminium tubes Peterseim offers a large range of innovative ideas for bringing new design ideas to fruition.  Ambitious and design-oriented companies readily take advantage of these opportunities. With their innovative production methods, in-house tool and machine developments as well as a wealth of special designs Peterseim are able to translate even the most exacting ideas into reality and all this is done with a great emphasis on quality and an aim for perfection. Thus, the company offers its customers all possibilities to enable them to stand out from the market with top quality products which will inspire demanding end customers.

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