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Peterseim invest in a 3D articulated measuring arm made by TRACTO-TECHNIK

Peterseim has now invested some 18,000 Euro in a 3D articulated measuring arm made by TRACTO-TECHNIK. Using the handy “Tuboscan M”, the geometric data of sample tubes can be quickly and easily determined. Furthermore, it is possible to use the articulated measuring arm as a 6D mouse in order to define new tube courses with a predefined volume, all this while continuously acquiring online data in the background.

The tube-specific software used not only captures data but also evaluates it. Data output can come in a range of formats. Direct activation of the tube bending machine using the bending data is also possible.

Objects which exceed the basic working range of this handy device can still be measured without any problem. The software enables the measuring arm to be shifted whilst maintaining the coordinate system, without the measurement being interrupted.

With this investment Peterseim are further extending the range of seamlessly drawn tubes they are able to process, thus adding to their extensive services with a view to the tasks of the future. A further forthcoming investment in a high-tech tube bending machine will allow Petersen to bend tubes made from steel or stainless steel into various shapes. The tubes required for these operations are not drawn by Peterseim but sourced externally. Thus we offer our substantial expertise to both the tube industry and companies which are not involved in the non-ferrous range.

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