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With TUBOTRON 60, Peterseim offers maximum bending flexibility for demanding materials

Until now our portfolio has focussed on brass and aluminium. However, the recent investment in a state-of-the-art tube bending machine made by Tracto-Technik allows us to process almost all materials. Many companies from different industries are already benefitting from our enhanced service and have placed orders with us for contract bending of tubes made from steel or stainless steel.

This new machine is capable of processing tubes with a max. outer diameter of 60 mm and has a free-standing bending head to give maximum flexibility. The extremely rugged design and the strong bending drive unit mean that the machine is capable of bending both thick-walled and thin-walled tubes.

Thanks to our close relationships with companies in the automotive, aircraft, maritime and furniture industries, as well as in machine and plant engineering, we have built up a broad knowledge of markets and products and are able to offer our customers perfect solutions to meet their needs.

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