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Peterseim Metallwerke achieves re-certification

Over more than five decades we have gained a reputation around the world for our high-quality production of seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass, aluminium, cuphin and ecobrass. This same quality applies to the processing of tubes in our company.

The cornerstone of our quality is our well developed quality management system, which ensures complete traceability at any time and which is subject to continuous developments to ensure we comply with the most recent requirements. Our high standards were emphasised once again at the end of November 2010, when we successfully achieved re-certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Alexander Sallen, managing director of Peterseim Metallwerke: “Our employees have identified themselves with our quality standards. They are completely committed to our principles and make them reality with their dedication. We are very proud of this. Only if all of us continuously provide the best possible performance and join in the thought process, can such an exacting quality claim be maintained and our quality objectives constantly improved.”

For the first time, our new business unit “further tube processing”, which was introduced early in 2010, was included in re-certification. Right from the planning phase of this new service, the members of staff in charge have attached great importance to making the quality management traceable. The fact that the unit was also successful in this re-certification phase shows that this was the right decision.

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