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Peterseim Metallwerke appoints Matthias Engelbertz as its authorized officer

Matthias Engelbertz has been acting as head of the Finance + Controlling division at Peterseim Metallwerke in Olpe since early 2009.
The cooperation between him and the management board is characterized by mutual trust – both parties are confident that they can rely on one another at any time.

Prior to joining Peterseim Metallwerke, Matthias Engelbertz was employed by a major industrial group but he preferred to work in a classic family business. Peterseim Metallwerke represents this type of business, and even the issue of company succession has already been regulated in an exemplary way.

Wilhelm Peterseim, his daughter Silke Peterseim-Sallen and his son-in-law, Alexander Sallen are the “triumvirate” at the top. The head of the Finance + Controlling division has been supporting the management team for a long time. His appointment as authorized officer with effect from the beginning of 2011 underlines their close cooperation.

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