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Martin Heider new CTO at Peterseim Metallwerke

Martin Heider, graduate engineer and second son-in-law of Wilhelm Peterseim, will join the company as Chief Technology Officer.
Following studies in mechanical engineering, Martin Heider worked as a designer and project manager where he gathered extensive experience in the design of tube bending machines and tube measuring technology. Furthermore, he extended his knowledge as a design and development engineer for wire drawing machines and winders. Martin Heider therefore has a deep understanding of tube production and processing.
The management team is looking forward to working with Martin Heider and is happy that another family member will be joining the firm to fill this important role..


Peterseim invests in green energy production using a block heat and power plant

The climate is subject to alarming change around the world. Floods, mudslides, melting glaciers and dropping groundwater levels are just some of the problems that mankind is facing today. Environmental protection concerns us all and any contribution towards reducing damaging greenhouse gas emissions is a step into the right direction. When you stop and consider that world energy consumption has doubled since 1970, you will realise that the time has come to change the way we think and act. Energy efficiency is a must if we want the environment to remain habitable for future generations.



Peterseim Metallwerke invest in an extension to their machinery equipment

Peterseim Metallwerke, headquartered in Olpe, Germany, is known worldwide as a specialist in seamless drawn tubes made from aluminium and brass. The tubes, produced in the Olpe facilities, are the base material for a very broad range of different products, e.g. components for technical devices, fittings and the automotive industry.


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