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Peterseim Metallwerke invest in an extension to their machinery equipment

Peterseim Metallwerke, headquartered in Olpe, Germany, is known worldwide as a specialist in seamless drawn tubes made from aluminium and brass. The tubes, produced in the Olpe facilities, are the base material for a very broad range of different products, e.g. components for technical devices, fittings and the automotive industry.

To manufacture such components meeting the highest technical standards requires both comprehensive technical expertise and cutting-edge machinery and equipment. Both have been a matter of course at Peterseim Metallwerke for decades. In addition to providing continuous training to  staff in the fields of materials science and metal forming technology, Peterseim regards  regular investments in machinery as a priority. Many customers take advantage of the Peterseim team’s expertise and appreciate the machines made by Peterseim, which are often provided with special functions for the manufacture of their components.

Peterseim is currently investing in a universal turning centre for the complete processing of tubes and in an automatic deburring machine, in order to further optimise quality and maximise production efficiency. The investment amounts to a total of some EUR 280,000.00.

The universal turning centre made by Emco allows complex and demanding turning and milling work to be carried out with the maximum precision. Equipped with a counter spindle, automatic part removal and a part collection device, workpieces are deposited without damaging the surface. The main spindle enables tubes with a maximum diameter of 51 mm to be machined, while with the counter spindle a diameter of 32 mm is possible. This centre allows workpieces of up to 1,200 mm in length to be machined.

Rasamat_DSC_0003_WebThe automatic deburring machine made by RSA is another new acquisition. Using this machine, the inner and outer edges, as well as both face edges of tubes can be simultaneously deburred. Equipped with high-capacity brushes and an automatic transport for the workpieces, this automatic machine is the optimum solution for deburring workpieces.

These investments are designed to help ensure that Peterseim Metallwerke will continue to maintain their reputation as an extremely flexible partner with a broad range of personalised and technically demanding special solutions well into the future.

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