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Peterseim invests in green energy production using a block heat and power plant

The climate is subject to alarming change around the world. Floods, mudslides, melting glaciers and dropping groundwater levels are just some of the problems that mankind is facing today. Environmental protection concerns us all and any contribution towards reducing damaging greenhouse gas emissions is a step into the right direction. When you stop and consider that world energy consumption has doubled since 1970, you will realise that the time has come to change the way we think and act. Energy efficiency is a must if we want the environment to remain habitable for future generations.

Peterseim Metallwerke of Olpe take every aspect of environmental protection very seriously and have an active approach towards it. In production, great value is placed on the sustainable use of resources. For example, a complex recycling system implemented across the production workflow ensures all production waste is recycled in the production process. Waste water is constantly cleaned using a specific neutralisation process and every new or modernized production plant is assessed to determine its energy balance.

However, the management team of Peterseim Metallwerke wanted to do more. Due to the reconstruction of existing buildings and the construction of new ones over the past 30 years, the company was running five different heating systems. Some of these were no longer state-of-the-art in terms of energy consumption. Also, maintaining five different systems was quite labour-intensive. This situation gave rise to the decision to thoroughly analyse the company’s energy supply.

As Peterseim requires heat and power at the same time, the objective was to optimally combine these two forms of energy and ensure they are provided in an environmentally friendly manner. What is more, the company wanted one central system.

Thanks to the proficient support of the local heating and energy expert, Enders, an ideal solution was found that supplies both heat and power. Since 02 May 2012, Peterseim Metallwerke has obtained its energy using a block heat and power plant.

These compact energy production units are as simple as they are ingenious. A combustion engine that Peterseim operates with gas produces mechanical energy that drives a synchronous generator over a coupling. This produces an alternating current at 400 Volts and 50 Hertz, which is used to operate all electric machines and equipment. Power which is not needed, particularly that which is produced at night, is fed into the national grid.

However, the block heat and power plant can do even more than this. Waste heat resulting from power generation is collected using a sophisticated cooling circuit and fed into the heating system with a flow temperature of up to 90 degrees Celsius. With this approach, up to 30% of primary energy is saved as compared with the previous system. This means much fewer nitric oxides and less carbon dioxide. Thus, Peterseim is contributing towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sebastian Enders of the Enders installation company is enthusiastic about the project: “By installing the block heat and power plant in combination with an advanced condensing heating system and completely renewing the control technology, Peterseim will be able to clearly cut ongoing operating costs. We are proud that they have asked us to provide consultancy upfront and that we were able to contribute our knowledge during the planning phase.”

These investments and the awareness that the firm uses scarce resources in a well thought-out manner means a lot to both the employees and the management team of Peterseim Metallwerke. This project impressively demonstrates that profitable operations are possible without neglecting human beings and the environment. To Peterseim Metallwerke, this investment is much more than just another form of energy supply. It shows responsible and sustainable thinking, which is part of Peterseim’s company philosophy.

Contact data for the installation company:
Enders Heizung Sanitär GmbH & Co. KG
Grubenstraße 28
57462 Olpe

Telephone: 0049 2761 946 000
Contact: Thomas und Sebastian Enders

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