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Investment in an automatic sawing and chamfering machine has stood the test at Peterseim

P_Saege_und_FasautomatManufacturing seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass and aluminium and then further processing them is an art. To master this art, you need experience, knowledge of materials, sure instinct and of course, the right machinery. The Peterseim company, based in Olpe, is one of just a small handful of manufacturers of international renown that master this art.

Peterseim has demonstrated good business sense by investing in tools and machinery. A further investment in a JFE sawing and chamfering machine has also proven to be a good decision.



Peterseim Metallwerke invest in eddy current testing equipment

Brass and aluminium are the materials which are mainly processed in our company. On the one hand, we produce seamlessly drawn tubes and on the other hand exactly these tubes are processed further and formed almost to becoming finished parts. From the well-designed outlet to components for industrial plants to meet exacting demands in terms of building technique, a large variety of tube products are manufactured with maximum accuracy and the highest efficiency. […]


New machine for processing tube ends

Our company is not only engaged in the manufacture of seamlessly drawn tubes but we also carry out further processing, and we are continuously investing in our tube processing plant.

A new machine for processing tube ends has recently been put into operation. We have designed and constructed it ourselves, which has allowed us to take full account of our customers’ requests and to make use of our vast experience when it comes to processing various materials.

The new tube end processing machine is used when drilled holes, threads or milled grooves are required. Apart from that a multitude of other processing possibilities is available from Peterseim.


New High Speed Saw

In addition to processing tubes we have produced ourselves, our high performance equipment enables us to also process materials provided by our customers on a jobbing basis.
Our services include:

Min. clamping diameter: 14 mm
Max. clamping diameter: 60 mm
Min. finished part length: 20 mm
Max. finished part length: 150 mm
Processing options: Chamfer inside and/or outside
Stepped holes
Recesses (also outside)
Large batches
Automatic length control

We will be pleased to provide more information on our new machining centre or to submit a quotation for your particular requirements.

Please contact Michael Stracke, phone: +49 (0) 2761/962-102, e-mail:

Early in 2007 a new JFE machining centre was installed which has excellent possibilities for processing brass, aluminium, copper, steel, etc. tubes.

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