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Curtain rods – a design object made from seamlessly drawn tubes

Living and designing. Our own four walls offer us many possibilities to show our individuality and our appreciation of beauty. The selection of curtains and of course coordinated curtain rods reflecting our personal life style plays an important role.



Finished parts from brass tubes – Peterseim offer expert knowledge in the further processing of tubes

P_Weiterbearbeitung_BiegenKnowledge cannot be replaced and is the only resource which multiplies by partition. At Peterseim Metallwerke in Olpe, we value team working and knowledge sharing. The company has a very extensive and sound base of knowledge about producing and further processing seamlessly drawn tubes and this is continuously being extended, shared internally and thus multiplied. […]


Washing guns – Weapons in the war against dirt use brass tube components made by Peterseim

When you are dealing with extreme dirt, such as filthy rims and car engines, dirty construction machines, trailers or trucks, sometimes a water jet applied using a standard hose is just not enough to get them clean. To remove such tenacious dirt, a combination of water and compressed air is often used.

A washing gun is used to fire a strong jet of water at the dirty components. These high-end, dirt-fighting weapons are always equipped with a nozzle made from a seamless drawn brass tube. The process of transforming a long brass tube into  a nozzle for a washing gun involves quite a number of individual steps. […]


Brass tube – A product based on a resourceful mixing ratio

The alloying of copper and zinc produces brass. This sounds rather simple. But things are not as simple as that because, as often in life, all depends on the right mixing ratio. As long ago as the 3rd millenium B.C. brass was a considered to be a noble metal and was much sought after. At that time, many decorative objects were made from the alloy with the attractive golden lustre.


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