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Peterseim Metallwerke invest in eddy current testing equipment

Brass and aluminium are the materials which are mainly processed in our company. On the one hand, we produce seamlessly drawn tubes and on the other hand exactly these tubes are processed further and formed almost to becoming finished parts. From the well-designed outlet to components for industrial plants to meet exacting demands in terms of building technique, a large variety of tube products are manufactured with maximum accuracy and the highest efficiency. […]


A cappuccino please! In a world without brass tubes, we would all have to drink plain coffee

A perfect coffee, topped with nicely foamed milk and a hint of cocoa. Mmmm…how delightful! But when you are sipping your cappuccino, do you stop and think of brass tubes? Indeed, what is the link between brass tubes and cappuccino?

There is actually a very close connection. The small tube which is fitted to almost every coffee machine and used for foaming milk is in most cases made from brass. This small tube works hard for our enjoyment: The pressure required to foam the milk is very high and only the best quality brass tubes will withstand that pressure.



Slightly fluted profiled brass tubes – A product used around the world

Tubes are available in countless versions. They may have thick or thin walls and be made of metal, glass, concrete, plastics or even wood. In the domestic environment many people immediately think of tubes as being pipes for gas and drinking water, as in this connection the “tube” is clearly identifiable.

There is yet another kind of tube which is not very often used nowadays: the slightly fluted brass tube. As components in lamps and for the furniture industry generally these tubes have found their way into hotels, banks, offices of insurance companies and even into private houses around the world. Fittings for traditional bathrooms are as ever made from tubes with this special surface, and also the good old curtain rods – rather tubes – with a slightly fluted surface have been popular for many years.



Brass tubes – when they are chrome-plated, their bright, shiny appearance is displayed in a whole range of shapes.

istock_000005193352large_reIt is hard to believe, but without brass pipes, our bathrooms and kitchens would be very different. Fittings, ranging from the most simple to the most extravagant in design, influence the whole look of those rooms where water is an important element. Taking a shower, soaking in a relaxing bath or just washing the dishes in the kitchen – all of these activities would not be possible if brass pipes did not exist.

It is difficult to imagine how many individual steps are involved in making a complete fitting ready for use. We, the manufacturers of pipes and pipe products, play a role in the early and middle stages of this complex process.

Raw materials manufactured by tube drawing shops have a significant impact on the quality of the final product. The structural characteristics, surface quality and internal and external cleanliness of a tube are of enormous importance.

We are one of the few companies to produce brass seamless tubes, for which we have gained international renown. Our company, based in Southern Westphalia, has for more than 50 years enjoyed a special position of trust with our customers. Our company is amongst the most innovative in the industry, not only with respect to drawing but also in the processing of tubes. Our customers, especially the most exacting manufacturers of fittings, appreciate our wealth of experience in the field of brass and often call upon the broad range of individual special solutions we are able to offer.

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