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Andreas Piontek joins our team as the head of quality management at Peterseim Metallwerke

Andreas Piontek, head of quality management at Peterseim Metallwerke since 1 May 2011, is delighted with the firmly anchored and very positive attitude of his new employer towards his field of activities. “Many companies just pay lip service to quality. At Peterseim, it is daily practice,” explains the quality specialist who previously worked in the automotive industry.


Peterseim invests 130,000 EUR in refurbishment of the pickling and washing plant

At Peterseim we have traditionally attached great importance to investments, which are seen as valuable building blocks for safeguarding the future. Continuous technical improvements, especially for maintaining a consistent standard in the precision and quality of seamless drawn tubes and tube products, are part of our constant process.

At the beginning of 2011, some 130,000 EUR were invested in the refurbishment of the pickling and washing plant. The new pickling and washing basins leap to the eye; however  the refurbishment work, which is not immediately visible, is even more interesting. It includes complete refurbishment of the concrete of the pickling bunds and the surrounding area, including the application of a special coating which prevents permanently the penetration of liquids into the concrete. The tubes for the heating circuit and the fresh water supply have been replaced by new installations which comply with the latest environmental protection standards.

Now the pickling and washing operations in the production process can be carried out safely, reliably and cleanly. This applies to both product quality and environmental protection, two very important areas which are in harmony in our company.


Peterseim Metallwerke achieves re-certification

Over more than five decades we have gained a reputation around the world for our high-quality production of seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass, aluminium, cuphin and ecobrass. This same quality applies to the processing of tubes in our company.


Peterseim Metallwerke invests in length testing machine for tubes perfectly cut to length

Top-notch quality in the production of seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass or aluminium is our passion. With over 50 years of experience in tube drawing processes, we produce extremely good surfaces, high dimensional stability and special strengths. […]

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