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18 June 2009

Tubes – One just like another? – Variables influencing the quality of bent tubes

Life today is unimaginable without tubes and tube products. Anyone who observes throughout one day how often and for which purposes tubes and tube products are used, will be surprised at the multitude of applications and the diversity.


At a first glance, tubes produced by various manufacturers seem to be identical. However, the differences are often quite remarkable because each manufacturer has its own methods of drawing tubes and its own raw material suppliers. Especially during subsequent processing – and in particular when bending the tubes – the properties of the raw materials used have a significant influence on the quality of the end product. The structural features, the surface quality and the inner and outer cleanliness of the tubes are indicators of the quality.

During subsequent processing, the purchase of high-quality tubes will quickly prove to be worthwhile, as in the bending process high-grade quality helps to avoid scrap and to save time, and thus costs.

Of course, the bending result is also influenced by the quality and nature of the bending tools, the parameters that can be adjusted on the bending machine, various environmental impacts and last but not least by the skill of the operator himself.

Achieving absolute top quality in the production of seamless drawn tubes made from brass and aluminium is our passion. Over 50 years experience in tube drawing guarantee excellent surfaces, low tolerances and enhanced strength. Constantly developed treatment methods for new materials, investments in machinery, training of staff and optimisation of production processes demonstrate that we are forward-looking in our approach.

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