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6 July 2009

Applications for tube bending technology

In every day life, bent tubes are used for the conveying of fluids e.g. hydraulic oil, water, or gas. In addition to this application, bent tubes are also used as structural elements in almost all sectors of industry. They are used in the automotive, aircraft and ship building industries as well as in the chemical industry, in refrigeration and air conditioning applications, in the furniture industry, in steel, machine and plant construction.

Generally, all cold forming materials such as brass, aluminium, copper, titanium, steel and also stainless steel are suitable for bending. In addition to round tube cross sections, it is also possible to process tubes of square and oval cross section, flat and solid materials as well as profiled tubes of various cross sections on bending machines.

Achieving absolute top quality in the production of seamless drawn tubes made from brass and aluminium is our passion. Over 50 years experience in tube drawing guarantee excellent surfaces, low tolerances and enhanced strength.

In 1985 our tube processing plant was established as a result of our close contact with the development departments of well-known companies. Thanks to innovative production methods and in-house development of tools and machines, tube processing has become increasingly important. Market requests and requirements show that customers attach great value to good mechanical processing and to special surface finishes. We offer a large range of customized products and a high level of expertise in handling exacting materials.

The processing machines used in our plant are characterized by numerous innovative supplementary functions which live up to the expectations of our customers in virtually every respect. By continuous technical improvements to the drawing and handling process we have succeeded in constantly enhancing the surface quality of our tubes and tube products, so that they are highly appreciated all over the world.

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