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22 September 2009

A cappuccino please! In a world without brass tubes, we would all have to drink plain coffee

A perfect coffee, topped with nicely foamed milk and a hint of cocoa. Mmmm…how delightful! But when you are sipping your cappuccino, do you stop and think of brass tubes? Indeed, what is the link between brass tubes and cappuccino?

There is actually a very close connection. The small tube which is fitted to almost every coffee machine and used for foaming milk is in most cases made from brass. This small tube works hard for our enjoyment: The pressure required to foam the milk is very high and only the best quality brass tubes will withstand that pressure.

We have been drawing seamless tubes for over 50 years and we enjoy the reputation of being one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The tubes and tube products manufactured by us are used for a huge range of items. Coffee machine makers seek us out for the high quality of our tubes. One thing is for sure: without high-grade brass tubes, we’d be stuck with drinking plain coffee.

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