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21 October 2009

Aluminium tubes – small, grey and yet an important component in cars

Have you ever had a car with a headlight cleaning system? No? Neither have I, but I’d love to have this feature. The fact that these systems are usually installed in luxury cars equipped with the especially desirable XENON headlights should be disregarded.

So what is the relationship between aluminium tubes and headlight cleaning systems? These systems simply would not work without these small grey tubes. The drive and tubes are hidden behind glass, metal and plastic and so are not apparent to those of us who are just observing the feature. These aluminium tubes therefore deserve special mention as they would otherwise continue to exist in obscurity.
We have extensive experience of producing and processing aluminium tubes and we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in treating this lightweight and corrosion resistant material. It is for this reason that our customers in many different industries put their confidence in us.
Drivers of cars equipped with headlight cleaning systems benefit from our extensive know-how, as our seamlessly drawn aluminium tubes contribute enormously to good visibility at all to get a cash advance on a chase credit card

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