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3 November 2009

Peterseim Metallwerke invest in eddy current testing equipment

Brass and aluminium are the materials which are mainly processed in our company. On the one hand, we produce seamlessly drawn tubes and on the other hand exactly these tubes are processed further and formed almost to becoming finished parts. From the well-designed outlet to components for industrial plants to meet exacting demands in terms of building technique, a large variety of tube products are manufactured with maximum accuracy and the highest efficiency.

The depth of our knowledge of dealing with exacting materials gives us an important competitive edge. Especially in further processing – particularly in the bending process – the properties of the primary material exercise a considerable influence on the quality of the final product. Quality indicators are the characteristics of the structure, the surface quality and the cleanliness of the insides and outsides of the tubes.

In order to further strengthen our quality commitment necessary to meet these high quality requirements, we have invested in a Foerster eddy current testing unit for carrying out non-destructive testing. The tubes are inspected for cracks and surface flaws buy generic no online prescription viagra which are not visible to the naked eye. Our exacting customers welcome this new quality standard which allows the detection of defective spots in the production chain at an early stage. Otherwise there is the risk that a fine crack in the material will only be detected when, for example, an industrial plant is put into service.

Thanks to close contacts between the development departments of well known customers and our innovative staff a broad spectrum allowing the provision of special solutions and service offers have been created which, with the eddy current test equipment, have found wide spread payday loans without direct deposit

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