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25 February 2010

Romantic avant-garde ambience in the bathroom – with fittings made from seamlessly drawn products by Peterseim


Round shapes, floral elements, the whole bathroom arrangement gives a sensual, warm and soft feeling. A fascinating harmony embodying the female touch, which is classical, discreet and very tasteful. By the combination with modern, technically perfect functional elements, a new style for bathroom has been created – the romantic avant-garde. The key elements which generate this style and make it visible and tangible are the bathroom fittings. Leading manufacturers have developed completely new, highly aesthetic concepts. In order to optimally translate these concepts from the idea to the finished product, Peterseim Metallwerke in Olpe, as a manufacturer of defining components of these fittings, is often involved in the process of development of these products at an early stage.

Fittings for bathrooms created in the romantic avant-garde style are characterised by their special shapes. The shapes of water discharges from bath tubs and wash basins often change from a round to an oval shape. In production, these shapes are a real challenge, which demands, in addition to deep know-how and sure instinct, a lot of experience. As one of the leading international manufacturers of seamlessly drawn brass and aluminium tubes, Peterseim offers exactly these capabilities. In close cooperation with the development and engineering departments of the manufacturers of the fittings, Peterseim engineers, with the aid of unique machinery and advanced equipment developed partly in-house, investigate and find ways of perfectly realizing and implementing the design ideas.

In order to ensure that the finished product fully satisfies the end user in day-to-day use, Peterseim relies on sustainable processes which ensure a very high quality level. viagra online no prescription Each step in production – drawing of brass tubes, precise bending, end finishing, chrome plating, assembly – is quality-controlled, and thanks to the high degree of automation the quality is optimised. By these measures, Peterseim makes a major contribution to the high quality of the end products, to the competitiveness of its customers and to the positive image of the brands concerned – and also of course to the promotion of the romantic avant-garde design of the bathroom which induces in its users every day a feeling of wellbeing.payday loans clermont fl

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