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8 March 2010

Investment in an automatic sawing and chamfering machine has stood the test at Peterseim

P_Saege_und_FasautomatManufacturing seamlessly drawn tubes made from brass and aluminium and then further processing them is an art. To master this art, you need experience, knowledge of materials, sure instinct and of course, the right machinery. The Peterseim company, based in Olpe, is one of just a small handful of manufacturers of international renown that master this art.

Peterseim has demonstrated good business sense by investing in tools and machinery. A further investment in a JFE sawing and chamfering machine has also proven to be a good decision.

The loading magazine for tubes and rods of up to 6 metres in length makes the automatic sawing and chamfering machine especially suitable for large series from a batch size of 50,000 pieces. With processing cycles of 5.6 seconds for two tubes or rods, this machine is more than able to keep pace with competitors from the Far East.

The special design of the machine allows two tubes or rods to be simultaneously sawn and chamfered at both ends, inside and outside. Thanks to the variable positions, tubes or rods with a diameter of between 14 mm and 60 mm and a cutting length of between 20 mm and 150 mm can be processed. An integral automatic length measurement checks and corrects the length dimensions during the whole production cycle. Thus, at Peterseim we are able to guarantee a high standard of quality assurance.

The portfolio of potential materials which can be processed by the automatic sawing and chamfering machine is plain to see: aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, steel and titanium, the machine covers almost all options.

Initially purchased for the production of large series for the automotive industry, the automatic sawing and chamfering machine has turned out to be a highly rewarding investment. It has come to be used for a wide range of products for a broad range of industries. This development is due both to the innovative way of thinking at Peterseim and to the close contact which is maintained with the engineering departments of well-known companies. In addition to special surface treatments, our customers look to us for mechanical processing. These are requirements that Peterseim is more than happy to meet.

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