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9 April 2010

In addition to brass and aluminium there is now also CUPHIN®. Peterseim is the first company to be successful in drawing and subsequently processing CUPHIN® tubes


Do you know of CUPHIN®? CUPHIN® is the brand name for a metallic alloy with unique properties which are immediately predestined for applications associated with drinking water. This is because CUPHIN® is an alloy consisting of copper, zinc and silicon (CuZn21Si3P), which is completely free of lead and other toxic elements. Thus, this material is a real milestone on the way to lead-free pipes for applications associated with drinking water.
What is more, CUPHIN® has the advantage of a particularly high copper content of 76% which effectively prevents the multiplication of bacteria and other microorganisms. In some states of the USA, the use of pipes made from lead-free materials for new drinking water installations is already obligatory today. At the latest in 2013, when the limit value for lead in drinking water will be reduced from 25 to 10 micrograms per litre by the new EU drinking water directive, traditional materials containing lead will have to be replaced with lead-free materials.

CUPHIN® can even more

Not only in connection with aspects of health and hygiene is CUPHIN® (CW724R) virtually revolutionary but also in terms of its stability under load and its durability. CUPHIN® excels itself by extraordinary mechanical properties which traditional materials for pipe couplings and fittings have not been able to reach. To date, its high strength in combination with its high ultimate elongation is only achieved with some grades of steel. This new material is resistant to stress corrosion cracking (SCCR) and to dezincification (DZR). There is hardly any other material associated with drinking water applications which offers such a combination of these properties. Therefore, CUPHIN® is by far the safest material to use for drinking water installations.

The influences on material properties which can be achieved by heat treatment e.g. by annealing processes, also apply to CUPHIN®. This allows customers’ individual requirements to be met as is the case, to a more limited extent, with brass tubes.

Peterseim processing makes CUPHIN® useable

In order to ensure that especially the sanitary industry benefits from the fascinating properties of CUPHIN® , Peterseim Metallwerke, with their headquarters in Olpe, have developed special processes for seamlessly drawing tubes made from CUPHIN® and processing them afterwards. In view of the fact that CUPHIN® is a relatively new material, processing is a real challenge which however, Peterseim is able to master.

On the base of intense research and development and many years experience in drawing and processing seamless brass and aluminium tubes, Peterseim are the first in the market to introduce suitable processes and methods. This USP will allow Peterseim customers to stand out from other companies in the market, thus creating a competitive edge.

For more information concerning CUPHIN® and the extensive range of possibilities for processing this material, please visit

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