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22 March 2011

Peterseim invests some 60,000 EUR in cleaning equipment for tube sections

For many years we have impressed our customers with the outstanding quality of the seamless drawn tubes we manufacture with special care and precision. The drawing of the tubes is the first step towards achieving high-quality products. From the tube drawing line, the tubes – mainly in standard dimensions of up to six metres in length – are transported for further processing and finishing, either at Peterseim or on the customer’s premises.

Many customers require tube sections of different lengths to be manufactured and provided with threads, bores, punches or notches. During these processing operations, fine chips and dust are produced, which can stick to the tube sections. These fine particles must then be removed, leaving the tube sections residue-free before they are used or processed further.
To extend our cleaning facilities, during the first quarter of 2011, we invested some 60,000 EUR in spray washing equipment made by Bous. The equipment has 6 nozzles and guarantees thorough cleaning on all sides, while minimizing the use of chemicals.
This investment has already paid off. The cleaning ability of the new equipment is an outstanding complement to our existing machinery, thereby contributing to the quality of semi-finished products made by Peterseim, which is highly appreciated by our customers.

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