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23 March 2011

Lead-free tubes made by Peterseim Metallwerke make an active contribution to environmental protection

Environmental protection is becoming an ever-greater priority in many areas of our lives. This is particularly true in the manufacture of new products, where the choice of materials and auxiliary materials will be assessed more critically in future. As a consequence, direct manufacture will become more environmentally friendly, the impact resulting from using the product will be reduced and it will be easier to reuse the raw materials.

A new kind of lead-free material, used mainly in the sanitary industry, is available under the brand CUPHIN®. It is remarkable not only for its absence of lead, but also for its high copper content of 76%, which prevents bacteria and germs from multiplying.
Our company manufactures and further processes seamless drawn tubes made from cuphin. This enables our customers to offer future-oriented final products and generate an important competitive advantage through this unique selling proposition (USP). In many industries, environmental safety is an important sales argument for products, either because it is a specific user requirement or due to current EU regulations focussed on protecting the environment.

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