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6 October 2011

Products made from seamless drawn tubes are capable of withstanding exceptionally high temperatures and forces during welding

The welding sets provided by many renowned manufacturers contain workpieces made from seamless drawn tubes by Peterseim Metallwerke. Nozzles in particular have to withstand high temperatures.

Brass tube sections are therefore processed until a finished workpiece – in this case the nozzle – is ready for use. Brass is chosen for welding nozzles, because this material has proven very effective in terms of safety and durability at high temperatures. After all, the flame reaches an impressive temperature of 3200°C in autogeneous welding processes.

To safeguard both process safety in industrial applications and the operator’s health and safety, it is essential to ensure that no component in the welding set becomes deformed or damaged under the influence of heat.

At Peterseim Metallwerke in Olpe, brass and aluminium are used to produce seamless tubes which meet the highest quality requirements and which are used worldwide as base materials for many high-end components. In our recently enlarged shop for processing and finishing tubes, at Peterseim we work with the greatest possible care and efficiency to manufacture perfectly shaped, semi-finished products from these tubes.

They include, amongst others, nozzles for welding torches, which may at first glance not seem to be special products, but in fact their manufacture also requires profound knowledge of how to work with brass, a very demanding material.

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